Archerhub Named to Food Logistics’ 2019 FL100+ Top Technology Providers List

Archerhub has been named to the 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers by Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain.

Archerhub is an asset-based digital freight broker, in that not only does it match loads with its network of carriers, it also runs its own fleet. The Archerhub fleet serves as a backup for loads that go uncovered on its platform by carrier partners as well as the lynchpin of its freight recovery program for any potential truck breakdowns while in transit. With the support of its fleet, Archerhub guarantees hauls for every shipper that registers a load.

“Our platform constantly sources for truck capacity from outside carriers regardless of whether the truck is fine and in transit. We’re still looking for trucks until that load gets delivered,” said Nick Darmanchev, founder and CEO, Archerhub. “If the truck breaks down midway, we already have a database of available empty trucks that might take the load. If that does not pass, we look into our own fleet.”

This guarantee is of particular importance to its perishable food shipper customers, for whom shelf life and freshness is of the utmost importance.

“Our brand promise to customers depends on speed and freshness, so we wanted the efficiency and visibility that a digital freight broker provides, but also wanted to guarantee that
our shipments would arrive on time. Archerhub provides the best of both worlds,” said Claude Taylor, Shipping Manager for DemKota Ranch Beef. “The visibility technology is a huge
advantage for a company like ours with perishable shipments. Before Archerhub, we didn’t know where our loads were until they arrived…or if it was late.”

Archerhub’s digital marketplace for truckload freight connects shippers and drivers through Archerhub’s mobile app or online platform, providing instant quotes, full transparency, real time visibility, and automated customized reports.

Freight shipments are contracted with the most reliable carriers in the industry that adhere to rigorous standards, as well as via options from Archerhub’s private trucking fleet. Archerhub provides full transparency regarding any load during the cycle of a load and after its completion via its mobile app or online platform, with optional automated notifications for the loads if desired.

The annual FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in
the global food and beverage supply chain. Companies on this year’s 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers are found in the November/December 2019 issue of Food Logistics.

Asset-based digital marketplace Archerhub guarantees 100% hauls for all loads on its platform

FreightWaves – The advent of digital freight matching within the trucking sector has brought order to the chaos of the spot market, as it helps usher real-time visibility into both capacity and volumes available in a market. 

However, digital freight marketplaces do not come with a guarantee that every shipper on the platform would have its loads matched to a carrier. Around 5% of all shippers on these platforms reportedly get their loads rejected or go unnoticed. 

Archerhub, a Denver-based digital freight broker, is tweaking such marketplaces by adding its own assets to the mix. The company runs its own fleet, which it uses as a backup for loads that go uncovered on its platform by carrier partners, thus guaranteeing hauls for every shipper that registers a load on Archerhub. 

“We do not use our fleet to generate revenue or profits, but we use it as a backup recovery plan for some of the freight that we have from our shippers that we need to recover,” said Nick Darmanchev, the CEO and founder of Archerhub. 

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CSCMP Conference Key Takeaways Podcast

Our CEO Nick Darmanchev shares about our team’s experience at CSCMP Edge and how we are shifting the truckload freight market with an asset based digital approach.

Archerhub Merges Fleet Assets with Digital Freight Marketplace

Commercial Carrier Journal – To date, digital brokers and freight marketplaces have been dominated by non-asset companies. At least one company in this space, Archerhub based in Denver, owns its own truck fleet to provide capacity alongside its pool of owner-operators and contracted carriers.

Archerhub has created a digital freight marketplace platform for truckload shippers and carriers to connect and book loads. Freight shipments are contracted with carriers that adhere to rigorous standards, with options to utilize Archerhub’s private trucking fleet.

Digital freight broker’s ‘back-up plan’ — its own small fleet of trucks

Overdrive – Archerhub, a digital freight broker based in Denver, has been in a growth spurt with connected carriers and shippers utilizing its services to connect. Particularly useful, the company says, in selling to shippers is what company reps call a built-in “back-up plan” for freight movements that experience any number of hiccups en route or during the planning process: in addition to contracting with independent carrier partners, Archerhub owns its own truck fleet.

“Should a truck break down in route to delivery,” said Nick Darmanchev, Archerhub chairman and CEO, “because we have our own fleet, we always have a truck ready to recover any shipment, 24/7.” The company’s self-service technology for locating capacity doesn’t “just assign truck to a load. We always assume something might go wrong during its transit. Our algorithm is designed to constantly give options for backup trucks, just in case.”

The company, reps say, has made strides in refrigerated and dry van freight, particularly food- and beverage-related.

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