Hitting the Road with Confidence: How a Digital TMS Can Benefit Your Business

Getting goods from point A to B can mean a lot of juggling for shippers. Tight timelines are the status quo, with rising industry expectations for speedy delivery. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, recurring peak-period freight congestion is projected to rise dramatically by 2045 from 8% to 35%, creating delays across nearly 78,500 miles of roadways. Speedy timelines are especially critical for food logistics, because these goods get less and less fresh with each passing hour and day. With more drivers and freight out and about, it’s safe to say that the roads will only get busier in the future.    

On top of that, businesses spend a significant amount of time and effort managing shipping as they juggle more modes, touchpoints, routes and carriers than ever before. Disruptions can also directly impact the success of a shipment. The coronavirus is just one example of how factors totally outside a shipper’s control can upend supply chains. British fashion retailer Next reported it has $26 million of inventory at risk in China because of the outbreak, and many retailers have even issued updates to their first-quarter projections as a result of the health alert. 

Between the demand for fast delivery, inefficient processes and inevitable disruptions, more and more shippers are embracing digital transportation management systems (TMS). In fact, 55% of supply chain executives are currently considering updating or implementing new TMS technology. Here’s how the right kind of TMS can benefit your business. 

  1. Access competitive rates faster 

Historically, rate shopping has been a manual and time-consuming process that didn’t always guarantee you the best rates for your shipping needs. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the cumbersome process of quote management, Archerhub can help. It’s a TMS that allows you to connect with thousands of carriers instantly. Archerhub puts you in touch with the ideal carrier based on rates, modes and timing, among other categories. 

Using the right TMS can provide huge cost benefits when it comes to rate shopping. Having one central system allows you to easily compare and contrast quotes based on your budget. When you do find the best price on Archerhub, you can easily check shipments off your to-do list – and get back to getting your job done.

2. Keep tabs on your freight at every step 

Look for a TMS that offers real-time visibility, so that you can manage disruptions when – or even before – they arise. With Archerhub’s real-time geolocation tracking, you can see your freight every step of the way, from point A to B and beyond. The cloud-based platform allows drivers to stay connected via mobile app, giving shippers peace of mind that perishable or other time-sensitive shipments are proceeding as planned. 

3. Simplify back-office functions 

The average business spends 55 hours per week on manual, paper-based processes and checks. When you don’t have to sort through paper invoices or wrestle with multiple platforms to pay the bills, your team can save a lot of precious time and money. With a TMS like Archerhub, you can manage payments and accounting directly on its centralized platform. 

4. Stay on track when things go astray 

Coronavirus may currently be the center of attention in the news, but it’s far from the only disruption that can affect a supply chain. Compliance factors, severe weather and road conditions also play a huge part in whether or not a shipment goes smoothly. A TMS that offers built-in support for the bumps in the road can help support overall business continuity and minimize reputational risks for your brand. 

Unlike other TMS technology, Archerhub is unique because it has its own fleet recovery program. As an asset-based digital freight broker, Archerhub is trusted by household names like Tyson and Anheuser-Busch to move ground freight seamlessly. 

Arriving quickly and reliably 

Get your freight where it needs to be, and when it needs to be there, with Archerhub. With its centralized hub for rate shopping and invoice management, geolocation tracking, and its own fleet recovery program. Archerhub is the choice to meet your shipping needs. When you don’t have to worry about if your shipment will safely arrive in a timely manner, you can get a lot further in what matters: working hard to make your business goals a reality.