The Future of Freight Is Congested. Digital Brokers Could Help Unclog It.

Asset-based freight brokers can help decongest capacity issues in logistics.

Blown tires, highway pileups and delays: There’s quite a bit that can go wrong with domestic freight shipments between points A and B.

Research shows that 5% of all freight loads have a hiccup while in transit, leaving shipments stranded and businesses scrambling to meet delivery timelines. And those problems are poised to become even more common. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, recurring peak-period freight congestion is projected to rise from 8% to 35% by 2045, creating delays across nearly 78,500 miles of roadway. It’s clear that the roads will only get busier with the potential for more disruptions, and shippers will need to anticipate that.

Preparation begins with putting the right partners in place to manage and move freight. One area to where more businesses are turning is digital freight brokerage, a market that has exploded over the last several years. Third-party logistics providers have seen 5X growth since 2000, with more expected in the years ahead. The digital-only model can fall short when disruptions happen, however, since 3PLs don’t have their own assets to provide backup if needed.

By working with partners that combine extra capacity with sophisticated tools, organizations can prepare for, and even anticipate, inevitable bumps in the road. Here are two key areas to consider to keep your shipments on track.

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