Digital freight broker’s ‘back-up plan’ — its own small fleet of trucks

Archerhub's asset-based approach guarantees shipments reach their destination no matter what.

Overdrive – Archerhub, a digital freight broker based in Denver, has been in a growth spurt with connected carriers and shippers utilizing its services to connect. Particularly useful, the company says, in selling to shippers is what company reps call a built-in “back-up plan” for freight movements that experience any number of hiccups en route or during the planning process: in addition to contracting with independent carrier partners, Archerhub owns its own truck fleet.

“Should a truck break down in route to delivery,” said Nick Darmanchev, Archerhub chairman and CEO, “because we have our own fleet, we always have a truck ready to recover any shipment, 24/7.” The company’s self-service technology for locating capacity doesn’t “just assign truck to a load. We always assume something might go wrong during its transit. Our algorithm is designed to constantly give options for backup trucks, just in case.”

The company, reps say, has made strides in refrigerated and dry van freight, particularly food- and beverage-related.

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